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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bows And Bowmaking...

Every once in awhile, I find an outfit that is just so cute that I need to accessorize it. I end up saying to myself, ‘self, what would make this outfit the cutest thing ever is a matching bow.’

That is inevitably followed by me dragging the outfit from store to store to find the perfect coordinating ribbons to turn into a bow.

Sometimes, I luck out and find just the ribbon I need in the dollar clearance bin at one of my favorite craft stores or I might already have the color I need sitting in my craft area. I use the term ‘craft area’ loosely; it’s really just a table filled with all my crafty junk stuck in a small section of my (unfinished) basement. Moving on…

The first couple of bows I made… well, they were horrible. However, encouraged that I made something all by myself, I proudly stuck those crazy things in the girls’ hair.

I’m sure people were wondering what was up with that mess of ribbon sitting on top of the Lovely L’s head, but they were kind enough to keep their comments to themselves.

Now, after much practice, I can throw together a bow in less than ten minutes.

The only thing left is finding a place to keep all these bows. 

They used to be stuck in a drawer in the bathroom, but that left many of them scrunched and wrinkled. I did not burn myself repeatedly with a glue gun to have squashed bows.
And then, one happy day, I found a ‘B’ at Target that was exactly what I was looking for. Using that and ribbon I already had, I painted and glue gunned a cute little bow holder. All together now... Awwwww!

I'm linking up to Grosgrain if you'd like to see more awesome bows!

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