Friday, June 3, 2011

An Award? For Me?

There are quite a few ‘Awards’ I have bestowed upon myself lately.  Chiefly:

Patch Queen of the Universe

Master Indoor Gardener

and, let’s not forget

Hypocritical Parent of the Year

So when I received an award from someone else, I was shocked!  Why, who on earth would think so highly of my fantabulous blogging abilities (myself excluded) to bequeath me with an real, live, actual award?   

My new bloggy friend Mitzi from Moonlight and Magnolias, that’s who!  Thank you so much, Mitzi, I am honored…


Now, like everything else, there are some apparent rules I have to follow.  I now have to list seven things about myself that you may not know.  So here goes:

1.  I have a Tiki Bar in my basement.  MC and my cousin actually built the thing themselves.  Frankly, I think everyone should have one of these; it really livens up the cold, damp confines of an unfinished basement.


{Here it makes a brief appearance in my living room for MC’s birthday.}

2.  I see dead people, er, uh… What I meant was, I can draw people.  No, really I can!  Draw them, I mean…


{Sorry. My scanning abilities leave much to be desired.} 

3.  I am afraid of the Grand Canyon.  Sure, it’s amazing and beautiful.  But it’s also a mile drop to the bottom.


{I’m smiling because we were done and leaving.}

4.  My house is the same age as I am.  Recorded the same month and year that I was born.  That’s pretty cool, right?  Okay, maybe it’s not that exciting, but who else can claim that?  Anybody? 

That’s what I thought.

June 023

{Awww! I <3 my house!}

5.  When I was younger, I wanted to be a commercial airline pilot.  Let’s all just be glad that never transpired.

Trent's 11 Birthday 040

{Hey, so which button do I push to start this thing?}

6.  I don’t like swimming in lakes.  Yep, that’s a tough one since I live in the Land of 10,000.  But there are fish in those lakes.  BIG fish.  With teeth.


{Would you want to be in the water with this?}

7.  I once fell up my stairs and tore the cover of my bible.  That’ll teach me to read and try to walk at the same time… Maybe I should consider books on tape.  I’ll look into that. ; )

Now comes the best part.  I get to bestow this award on someone else! 

Sommer at Designer Garden

Laura at Mom Mart

Sue at Creative ‘Try’als

And brand-new blogger and Etsy store owner

Sharon at Elphia Designs

Congratulations ladies!  I hope you enjoy receiving your Versatile Blogger Award as much as I did : )

3 awesome thoughts:

Mrs. Zweig said... Best Blogger Tips

Congratulations on your award! I love your seven random things and understand about not swimming in the lakes. Minnesota was where I grew up (Mankato), and we just moved from Minnesota (Chaska) to here (Texas) in the last couple of weeks. Also, VERY awesome on the drawing! My kids both have that talent, but alas...I only do well on stick people. :(

Have a blessed weekend!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm so glad that you were excited about your award. Can I just say that your drawing is totally amazing! LOVE IT!!! A Tiki Bar in the Basement? Well, now that indeed is lovely. And now how cool/amazing is it that your house was built at the same day you were born? That is awesome! Loved learning more about you! And you are most welcome for the award. This post alone shows how deserving you are! Hugs~M

Kadbury said... Best Blogger Tips

Awww! Thanks ladies : ) Mitzi, it was great to receive the award, and you were right; those seven things were hard to come up with!
Tiffany, I knew you had said you had just moved, I didn't realize it was from here! lol How are you liking the differences of Texas versus Minnesota?


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