Thursday, June 9, 2011

Inspired by Gussy Sews…

Maggie over at Gussy Sews has created an ‘Inspiration Workshop’. 

Maggie Whitley Gussy Sews

I think this is a fabulous idea and here’s why:

I didn’t have to make/create/sew something to show off!  All I had to do was go find pictures on the Internets of what inspires me… and lemme tell you , I spend enough time on said Internets to be inspired for a lifetime. 

To make it even easier on those of us whose brains work at a less-than-quick pace, she even gives a prompt:  an idea to go out and be inspired by.  This weeks prompt is: Kitchens. 

Join me (if you’re so inclined, which I’ll assume you are since you’ve gotten to this point) as I drool over Kitchens That Are Awesome.

Being inspired, for me, is all about pulling ideas from these pictures that I could possibly implement in my own kitchen.  Since I doubt the Master Chef would be on board with those bird’s egg blue cabinets, that’s out.  And although I the range hood above that retro stove, my microwave currently resides there and that’s not likely to change due to a lack of counter space. 

SO… What can I take from this picture?  The legs on the bottom cabinets.  I am totally digging those.  And the moulding on the top of the upper cabinets.  Super chic and do-able.  Moving on…


Well… this kitchen is approximately the square footage of my entire downstairs.   I am currently too overwhelmed by the sheer vastness of this space to actually think.  Please excuse me while I walk away and give my brain time to remove its chin from the floor. 


ACK…Soooo. oooo. ooo awesome!  I’m not even sure where to start with this one, because people, I am in love.  This kitchen and I are staring admiringly at each other and batting our eyes (yes, it loves me back!  Why would you even question that?!?)  Feet on the lower cabinets, baskets, corbels on the shelf above the range, moulding on the top cabinets… swoon…  

I don’t want to be inspired by this kitchen.  I just want it.  I think I could fit it in my front room…

Sigh.  Alright.  Begrudgingly moving on…


HA!  Had you at that one, didn’t I?  Pink cabinets, orange paint and grass-like carpet… what’s not to love?!? *Snort laugh*  Can you just see the Master Chef cooking in here?

Seriously, no one could have ever cooked in that kitchen.  They’d be too busy having a seizure from the combination of all those colors thrown together.

Thank you for joining me for my first Inspiration Workshop.  As a treat for sticking around, I will leave you with a picture of my actual kitchen, which you are not allowed to make fun of.  It’s already feeling a little depressed because of that whole, ‘I want the kitchen with the baskets and corbels’ business.

house 005

Now, I have two questions for you:  What do you like/dislike about your kitchen? and

What inspires you?  Whatever it is, go be inspired today!

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

5 awesome thoughts:

junebug said... Best Blogger Tips

All those dream kitchens are amazing! Wow! Right now I love my kitchen. It is my favorite kitchen out of all the kitchens I have owned. I do want to repaint, put tile in above the counters, new counter tops and a new sink. Just to name a few things but I do love the layout and the cabinets. Those are the two things that are hardest to change so all and all I'm good.

I'm inspired by the home renovation shows. Especially the ones where they do it themselves and make all the mistakes I know I will make.

Kadbury said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm with you Junebug... I truly love my kitchen and I think it has a lot of potential : )

Mrs. Zwieg said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow! I LOVE the second kitchen...fabulous!

I do not like my kitchen. It is small, not enough counters/storage. It is fine for everyday cooking, but I dread the holiday style cooking.

I am very inspired by organizational books, magazines, etc. Especially when they have fabulous photos for my to add to my "Someday Dream House!" :)

Kadbury said... Best Blogger Tips

Mrs. Zwieg, I know what you mean... only one person can feasably fit and manueover in my kitchen. For Thanksgiving, we just let MC take over... we all wanted to help him out, but there was no space for anyone but him in my kitchen! : )

Angela said... Best Blogger Tips

I like my kitchen but the ones you showed (particulary the one with the light colored cabinets and grey looking cabinets) made me want to go out and start renovating. Personally, I would love the chef appliances and I am going to put the clear doors on a couple of my cabinets. I think it gives it that extra special look!


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