Thursday, August 25, 2011


I have a wonderful memory of my Nana from when I was *much, much* younger.  I had come to her with a huge problem and I knew she could fix it. 

My problem?

No other girls liked my favorite color.  What's more, they were telling me that my favorite color was ugly and that I should like pink or purple.  Those were girl colors, more acceptable and the norm.  Not yellow…

So I asked my Nana what I should do.  And although her exact words didn’t stick in my mind (it was a really, really long time ago), I can remember exactly how she made me feel. 


I should be proud to be different and what’s more, I should keep on liking whatever it is that I like.  I don’t have to like what everyone else likes!  This was a revelation to my nine year old brain, for sure.  Then, she filled me in on something else. 

Her favorite color was green. 

WHA?!?  Even I knew that green was a boy color, just like blue!

…Well, so much for that lesson…


I never did let anyone ever talk me out of liking yellow, though.   


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