Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Scrapbooking Fun…

I will admit, I haven’t been the most diligent on keeping up with my scrapbooking. 

Both T Bub and Lovely L have a ‘first year’ scrapbook.  But poor Bitty B?  I’m pretty sure I might have completed a ‘first day of life’ page for her scrapbook.  Yep, that’s it.  The girl gets one page in her scrapbook.  I’m thinking that that’s just what happens when you’re the third kid, though…

The truth is that I am way too much of a perfectionist.  That, coupled with the cost of all the bits, pieces and paper that I wanted, made scrapbooking an almost impossible task for me. 

An example?

Here was my process:  Go to scrap store.  Spend 20 bucks on various stickers and paper.  Spend 12 hours on one page meticulously placing pictures and stickers on page. 

Anal retentive does not even begin to describe my scrapbooking…

In the end, I’d usually be left with some paper, and a bunch of expensive stickers.  On the bright side, my two daughters love the fact that they now have hundreds of stickers at their disposal…

Here’s where I show you my newest scrapbooking venture:


Cute, right? 

For serious, I made that on my computer! 

That’s not even the best part:  This took about 20 minutes total to learn the software and then put the whole page together. 

And guess what?  You will have a chance to win this same software, called the My Memories Suite, next week!  I know, I know… awesome…

Until I post the giveaway, you can go check out more super awesomeness on the My Memories website.  You’ll find tons of cute layouts and scrapbooking kits and even some premade layouts like the one I used to make Bitty’s page.


Her expression in the middle picture is killing me ; ) 


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