Tuesday, September 20, 2011

DIY Photo Magnets…

I was cleaning off the side of my fridge recently when I noticed this:
It's the photo magnet I ordered when Lovely L was in soccer.  Then I noticed all of these:
DIY Photo Magnet
This is my fridge magnet graveyard.  If a magnet had an epitaph, it would read something like this:
Here lies Fred G. Magnet
1990 – 2011
He was once a useful member of the fridge community,
now he lies useless, untouched
because his owners
no longer needed him
Many of these magnets were from when we lived in Arizona, and a few were just outdated (MN Twins 2009 season schedule?  Yeah, I don’t think we need that anymore). 
I had thrown a bunch away when I was suddenly struck with a fantastic idea:  What if I attached the kids school pictures to the old magnets?  Then when I send out the pictures, they're already set to attach themselves to the recipients fridge! 
Genius, no?
All I did, was… ready?
Glue the picture on with a little bit of Elmer’s rubber cement, center the photo and trim off the edges! 
Uh.. sorry for the blurry picture, but while getting ready to take it, I read what’s written on the side of the pencil.  Go ahead, read it… I’ll wait.
BEEF!  It’s what’s for dinner, baby!  For whatever reason, that struck me as funny and I couldn’t hold my camera steady. 
Here’s how it turned out:
I once again apologize, but this time I have no excuse for the lousy photo.  Well, except that I’m too lazy to leave the basement and retake the picture, of course.
The picture above is a 3 1/2 X 5, but I also found that I could fit two wallet sized photos onto one magnet as well.  I hope my relatives aren’t reading, or it’s going to ruin the surprise for them…
And, if you’re here visiting from SITS today, welcome and I hope you stay awhile and enjoy more of my ridiculousness!



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