Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Things I Like: Customer Service…

First things first… I have in no way been compensated or have future probability of being paid in any way by Radisson or their affiliates.  All opinions are solely my own.

In this digital age when something goes wrong, everybody and their brother knows almost instantaneously. It’s rare that we hear when something goes right. And I’ve been just as guilty of that as the next guy (girl… whatever).

On T Bub’s birthday, I had taken him to the Water Park of America, located in the Radisson in Bloomington, MN and I was again reminded of why customer service works. 



Before we moved to Minnesota, we had a few chances to stay at this particular Radisson. Since I personally love staying in hotels, I enjoyed the heck out of the room and the surprise trip to the spa that MC had planned for me.

MC had picked this particular hotel because of the Water Park located inside the hotel. The fact that it’s also located across the way from the Mall of America would have sold me on it had I been the one choosing.



The night of T Bub’s birthday, I had taken him and some friends to the Radisson for a night of fun at the Water Park of America. I had a free ticket that T Bub had gotten from his Boy Scout troop and I paid for the other boys to get in.

I had homework to do, so it didn’t make sense to purchase a ticket for me since I wouldn’t be going in the water. I knew from our previous trips that there is a large viewing window in the lounge of the hotel, so I set up my books and computer there where I could keep an eye on the boys. The only thing left for me to do was take care of my coffee habit.

Water Park of America overview


The Sleepy Eye Café in the lobby had a selection of yummy sounding coffees and I asked Jan at the counter which one she thought was the best. In the course of small talk, I mentioned why I was there and why I wasn’t in the Water Park with the boys. Here’s the part where I remind you that I’m thrifty {cheap}.

Unbeknownst to me, while I chatted with Jan’s lovely daughter, Jan had headed over to the front desk and gotten me a wristband so I could sit in the Water Park with the boys. 

I love being surprised by little bits of happy like that. It was something unexpected and thoughtful and really made my night.  More than that, it further cemented what we had experienced at the Radisson each time we had stayed there – that these people care about customer service.

So thanks to Jan {and her adorable daughter} and the the Radisson in Bloomington, MN for another wonderful experience.  We will definitely be back.



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