Thursday, September 22, 2011

What to Do With Basil?

This summer I discovered something extraordinary:


{Did you know basil even had a lemon variety??}

It smelled so incredible that I had to refrain from taste testing it right then and there.  And then… my mind was completely blown by what I saw next:


{Purple Basil AND Lime Basil!}

Holy schnikes!  My brain swirled with ideas of how I could use these different varieties of basil. 

In truth, my first thought of lime or lemon basil was that it must taste good in some sort of drink involving tequila.  And how cool would purple pesto be?  It took awhile for the kids to get used to eating creamy green pesto on their spaghetti noodles (they all love it now); I’m thinking it would completely freak them out to see purple spaghetti.*

*note to self: tell MC to find purple basil to make creamy pesto spaghetti. ; )

We don’t have a food processor to make our pesto so I use this thing:





That’s my Kitchen Aid hand mixer dealie that a friend gave me years ago.  And it can smack out some delicious pesto.  But now I’m intrigued… What else can be made from basil? 


So now I’m sending it out to you all on the Internets… Do you have a favorite basil recipe?  And secondary to that: would basil taste good in a drink? 

Let me know!!


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