Thursday, October 6, 2011

Homemade Angry Birds Party…

Bitty loves many things.  Chief among those are Legos, the Wii, and my phone.  The reason she loves my phone?

The games, of course.*

*I curse the day I downloaded Dumb-o-meter, but that’s another story.

A month or so ago, while playing Angry Birds on my phone, Bitty remarked that she would love to have an Angry Birds birthday party.  Since I often forget things, I made a note to myself. 

A literal note, written on a pad of paper next to my computer. 

Some days later, I saw a note next to my computer that simply read, 'Angry Birds’, wondered what the heck that was all about, and threw it away.

So it was not surprising that about two weeks before Bitty’s birthday, MC asked if I had anything planned.  ACK!  I quickly ran downstairs to the blog cave* and using my My Memories Suite, I made this:

*my unfinished basement.  It’s dark and damp, so it qualifies for cave status.  Also, there are bugs down here.

Angry Birds Invite-001

 {Angry Birds Birthday Invitation}

About a week later, MC asked who Bitty invited and if I had sent the invites out.  I frantically ran downstairs and quickly uploaded the invite to Facebook.  I tagged all the appropriate parents with a note that the invitation was for their kid and not them and then promptly forgot all about it.

Until 4 p.m. the day before the party.  When M.C. asked me what my plan was. 

PLAN?!?  What plan???

I had been collecting ideas on Pinterest, so I looked over what I had:

Angry Birds Party

Hmm, not exactly a plethora of ideas.  So MC and I headed to the party store to see what they had available in the Angry Birds section. 

Note: the party store does not carry Angry Birds merchandise.

Undeterred, we searched out items that we could use for the party.  I figured I could draw faces onto balloons, so we picked out a red and a green Mylar balloon: 


Here’s something I didn’t know about Mylar balloons:  If you use a Sharpie to try and draw on them, the color comes off the balloon and the Sharpie quits working.  By the time I ruined my fourth and last Sharpie, I had only drawn the pig and part of the red Angry Bird. 

I used paint to color in the eyes and beak and then moved on to other things: drawing the yellow Angry Bird onto the yellow cups.


{Lovely L let me use her black Sharpie to draw the faces on}

It was at this point that I realized I should have just printed out yellow Angry Bird faces and glued them onto the cups.  Same with the goodie bags. 

Instead, with only an hour before the party, I quickly drew a template of the eyes and beak and had Lovely L and her friends cut and paste them onto the red bags.


{I made a simple task very difficult}

The day before the party, I had sent Lovely L and her friend E out into the neighborhood in search of pinecones.  Thankfully, Minnesota is not lacking in coniferous forests, and they found plenty.  We used these to make birdfeeders by having the kids slather peanut butter on the pinecone, then rolling it in birdseed.*

*It would probably be a good idea to check with parents about any peanut allergies.  In all seriousness, you do not want that kind of action to go down at your kids birthday party.  It would be a party to remember for all the wrong reasons.  Much like the time all the guests at my little brothers’ birthday party got ringworm.  But worse.

We had also bought green plates at the party store for the kids to make the green pig masks I found on Pinterest. 


{The masks were a hit}

After the masks were finished, the kids were ready for cake. 

Side note: MC is the creative genius and baker behind the cakes.  I just decorate.

angry birds cake

{His ideas, my artwork}

Although I did those cakes by hand (not sure if that’s the correct term…) I did learn an awesome trick from Marie at Celebration Generation that would make it easy for just about anyone to decorate a cake like that.  I’m thinking I’ll write another post and share.  Someday. (Not because I don’t want to share… I’m just a huge procrastinator.) ; )

Update: I did it!  I wrote the cake post – so you can decorate an Angry Birds cake and it will look like a professional did it!  And you won’t have to spend fifty bucks!*

*gross exaggeration of actual cake costs


Bitty loved everything about her party and I think all the kids had a great time.  I’d say that next time, I’ll have everything organized and ready to go far before party time.  But the truth?

Probably not. ; )

P. S. Want your own My Memories Suite?  Use this code: STMMMS26948 and save ten bucks!


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