Monday, January 30, 2012

Thinking Out Loud…

About school:

Frankly, it’s crazy how much I love it.  There are people I look forward to seeing in class, although I hesitate to call them friends since most of them are half my age.  I don’t know if that’s right or not… but it’s the truth.  Perhaps it’s okay that we get to be friends at school, and that’s where it stays.  At any rate, they’re all good people and maybe that’s all that matters.

I am still working my butt off to keep straight A’s, although I almost derailed myself this semester by purchasing the wrong book for a class.  That mistake lead to two failed quizzes in a marketing class.  ARGH.  Yes.  It took two failed quizzes for me to realize that I didn’t have the correct materials; before that I had been operating under the belief that maybe I just didn’t understand marketing. 


About the BLT:

Can I tell you that my kids are driving me batty?  I know why – they’re taking advantage of my distractedness.  Basically it’s like this: the more I concentrate on my homework, the more they realize they can get away with not doing whatever they should be doing.  We have a working system for after school and I had thought it would just be habit for them to continue doing it… yeah, not so much.

T Bub and Lovely L tried out for the school play recently.  T Bub made it and Lovely L did not.  Not that she wouldn’t be an excellent actress (trust me, with all the drama we have, she'd make an incredible actress), but tryouts require that you do a reading… and reading is something Lovely L struggles with.  Although she loves reading books and does so whenever she can sneak away with her Kindle, she still reads at about a third grade level and cannot sound out words phonetically.  I’ve spent every summer working with her, but I think it’s time that I admit that whatever is going on with her reading (and writing… she can’t seem to grasp certain concepts, like where - we’re – were) is beyond my ability to help her.

And Bitty B?  Well, she’s decided that besides soccer and curling, she also wants to play hockey, go back to dance class and be in a play.  Really?  Is that all?


{Curling practice}


About eating everything in sight:

Yeah, I’ve gotta stop that.  But why does it have to taste so, so good? Darn you, Nutty Bars, darn you to heck!

Side note: I actually typed in Nutty Buddy, but that didn’t sound right.  So I went to the Google where I learned two things: 1. A Nutty Buddy is the chocolate topped ice cream cone that I also love and 2. an athletic supporter.  Yep.


About blogging: 

There are at least five times a day that I think, ‘ohmygosh, I have to write about that!’  But, first comes home stuff, kid stuff, school stuff, business stuff (YES… and I’ll have to write about that later!)  and by then I’ve run out of time for blogging stuff.  I realize this is just a season in my life right now, and have no plans to stop blogging, but I also realize that I have to keep my priorities straight and my goals in sight. 

And as I wrote that, the buzzer on the dryer went off.  Sigh…

Yep, priorities include laundry ; ).

Until next time,


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