Monday, August 6, 2012


We currently have our tent set up in the backyard and I’m becoming concerned that it may be there for a really long time.


The first night out, the BLT camped out together.  Same thing the next night. I snuck out a few times to listen to them and could hear T Bub giving  play-by-play of  Doctor Who episodes.  I guess those are the new ‘campfire stories’, and the girls were thoroughly engrossed, only asking questions every few minutes:

“Wait, why didn’t the Doctor just use the sonic screwdriver to open the door?”

“Because it doesn’t work on wood.”

Of course.

Now however, the kids are asking for sleep overs in the tent.  They’ve been trying to work out a schedule of who can sleep in it on what nights and so forth.  Which is great, but for one exception: Bitty. At six, Bitty has yet to have her first sleep over and I sure as heck am not having it in a tent.  A six year old sleep over sounds like a whole lot of trouble, and a six year old sleep over IN A TENT sounds like a nightmare. 

Here’s what I imagine a sleep over involving six years olds to be*:

  • Weeee’re Boooored!
  • I don’t want to play dress up again
  • I don’t want to play your Wii game again
  • Can I call my mom?
  • Can my mom pick me up? (at 2 AM)
  • *crying*
  • MOM! We’re Huuuuungry!

*this may not be a realistic representation of two six year olds having a sleep over, but what do I know.

So, I came up with a solution - I would sleep out in the tent with her. She wasn’t exactly jumping up and down in excitement at this news and frankly, I wasn’t all that excited either. While I love camping, I realize the part I love the most is the part where we go somewhere; sleeping in my backyard on a blowup bed is not my idea of a jolly good time. 

Side Note: My use of the words ‘jolly good time’ show I’ve been spending too much time watching the London Olympics.

Thankfully for me, a thunderstorm blew in, the siren went off, and at midnight, I dragged Bitty back in the house where we could both sleep in our own beds.  All was right with the world until Lovely L invited another friend to sleep over and we started this whole process all over again.


*sigh* I guess I’ll be sleeping in the tent again ; )


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