Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Decorating Ideas...for Spring

Spring is not my favorite season in Minnesota. It always feels like spring is just sorta limping in after winter, slowly shaking off the cold and snow and trying it's best to green the place up again.
Right now it is still muddy and brown outside. Sunny, but with a biting wind sweeping through the unleaved trees.
No, I don't think unleaved is a word either. Bare trees? Whatever, you know what I mean. Trees with no leaves. Unleaved .
In an effort to bring a little color inside the house at least, I have put out what few spring decorations I have. I would like to have a little bit more to put out, but my garage and basement are overtaken by all the boxes of Christmas decorations... basically, I have no place else to store more decorations of any sort, so I'm not allowed to buy/make any more.

Cause there's no space!

So here's what I have:

A little trio of bunnies picked up from JoAnn's using a 40% off coupon. They were two bucks:

This cute little carrot pitcher from my wonder-in-law* and another little bunny. I picked up the flowers with glittery eggs at the Dollar Store. I got the bunny from JoAnn's last year after Easter for fifty cents. I let Bitty play with him and now his ears won't stand up any more. Gotta fix that... maybe some crazy glue.

*My mother-in-law, S. Cause she's just awesome.

This little white container used to hold all my kitchen utensils. Now it holds flowers. Not just any flowers.. these are memorial flowers. My neighbor bought them to put at his mothers grave and found out that the cemetery no longer allows silk or plastic flowers. So he brought them over and asked if I'd like them. I felt so bad that I told him of course I'd take them... It kinda seemed wrong to throw away flowers that someone bought for their mothers grave. So even though I didn't have any use for them at the time, I took them downstairs and they sat on my craft table for a year. Now they grace my table along with my little bunny bowl.

Finally! Something without bunnies! My sister-in-law K gave this to us one year for Christmas. Normally the little glass holders have tea lights in them. Last year I discovered how cute it looks with eggs in the holders. Awww... cute.

Do you have any spring in your house yet?

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Korrie@RedHenHome said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for stopping by Red Hen Home! I love to have spring in my house, even if the weather doesn't agree with me yet! My weakness: fat spring birds!


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