Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Lamp of A Different Color...

I'm in the process of a small overhaul in Bitty's room. When we moved into our house, she was in the full throes of Princess mania. At the time, I had given each kid permission to choose the color for their room.
T Bub choose a sky blue to go with all his airplane stuff.
The Lovely L picked a light teal. And Bitty... well, she choose royal purple. And yellow. And she wanted me to paint a Minnesota Vikings helmet in the middle of her room. Although it would have made the Master Chef quite proud, I quickly stepped in and reminded her that all her bedding was pink and yellow with princesses on it. I was soon rolling princess pink on her walls and stenciling white scallops on at the top.
Now, almost three years later, Bitty has outgrown her toddler bed and princess bedding, and she has the Lovely L's old quilt comforter with it's pale pinks, greens and purples. The bright yellow accessories no longer matched her room and had to go.
I began searching (where else) the Internet for ideas of what I'd like to see in there and came upon these beauties:
Ahhhh... Pottery Barn Kids. Is there nothing that you make that I won't fall immediately in love with? I loved that rose covered lampshade. The price I did not. At ninety nine bucks, it was a little out of my price range. Ninety nine! And that was just the price for the lampshade, the lamp itself was another forty five... Yikes! So my brain and I did a little thinking and POOF! It came to me. I knew just what to do. Here is Bitty's old yellow lampshade: And here's what I did to it: TA DA! Ohhh, purdy. I can say purdy. Cause I grew up in Indiana, that's why. Want to know how I did it... That's coming soon in another post. Look for it!
Here to see how I did it!

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