Monday, April 11, 2011

'Fake-upage' with Elmer's Glue...

Just so you know, I have a thing for eggs. And birds. And pandas. And stuff in the Pottery Barn catalogue.

But today, we’re only going to be talking about eggs. More specifically, the plastic Easter eggs that are sitting in my garage. I have a crate full of these things and I’ve been trying to figure out how I could use them to add more spring décor to the house. After poking through my craft area I found a bit of fabric I liked , some twine and a piece of flower trim.

I started with the fabric and cut it into a long strip. I only cut it a little over a half inch wide. If the strip is wider, it’s harder to get the edges to lie down.

I took my handy dandy Elmer’s glue and mixed a 1:1 mixture of glue and water.

Dipping the fabric in the glue water, I randomly applied it all over the egg until the egg was covered.

I had to cut out another strip to cover a few spots I missed the first time, then I smoothed down all the edges of the fabric using more of the glue water. One egg down!

For the next egg, I took the twine (love you, Target dollar bin!) and starting at the bottom, I spiraled it all the way up.

This needs to be done with straight up glue people, or the twine will NOT stay put on the egg.

Continue spiraling twine until you get to the top, then cut the twine where it stops. Easy peasy, one two threesy, as my kids say.

As I was finishing up the second egg, it occurred to me that these would go perfectly in Bitty’s room.

So for the final egg, I found the perfect turquoise that matches the other little accents in her room and simply glued the flower trim on.

I like being able to use what I have around the house. And Mod Podge is not something I currently have sitting around. But Elmer’s glue. . . I can find that in almost any drawer around here.

And now you know how to ‘fake-upage’ instead of decoupage.

This little trio now sits on Bitty’s nightstand (underneath this beautimous lamp!). I lose out for more spring décor in the rest of the house, but win in bringing Bitty’s room closer to being finished.

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Laura Ingalls Gunn said... Best Blogger Tips

Adorable. Creative. Genius.

I am having a spring craft linky party and giveaway on my blog this Friday. I would love for you to showcase this wonderful project.

Details are on my blog today.

Kadbury said... Best Blogger Tips

Why thank you; I'm flattered! Your spring banner would look oh-so-nice hanging from my mantel and I will definitely be joining in on Friday : )

Amanda Joy said... Best Blogger Tips

This turned out beautifully. I forget that I can use the glue and fabric scraps I have on hand to make things like this:)

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog
Amanda Joy

Jori said... Best Blogger Tips

WOWSA! those are SOOOO pretty! I want to try this out!

LoveFeast Table said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the Elmer's glue tip. I would love to add a bunch of these to my table this to just find the time! :)
Have a wonderful Easter!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the egg with the twine! said... Best Blogger Tips

So so so cute! Just came over from crafterminds - love the eggs and the way you displayed them!


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