Friday, April 8, 2011

Five Things on Friday...Fix it With Epoxy!

It started out with just one thing. It was a piece of Bitty's bed that had gotten broken off during a particularly loud and crazy playdate. I set the piece on top of the piano with the intention of gluing it on later that day.
A week later, it was joined by two picture frames. Victims of our basement flood last year, the backing had separated from the front of the frames and needed to be glued back on.
Then, while walking past T Bub's room, I noticed that one of the hang-y thingys from his coat rack had come off and was lying on the floor. Up on top of the piano it went.
The stuff sat there for awhile, gathering dust and making me feel guilty every time I walked past it.
Then, two things happened on the same day. I was hanging my coat on the coat rack when, heavily weighted to one side, the thing tipped over and crashed, breaking one of the coat hooks clean off. Secondly, I saw these and decided I needed a set in my dining room.
Off to Target I went and came home with this:
Yeah, baby, that's what I'm talking about. I'm not just going to glue this stuff, I'm gonna epoxy it! And because crafty stuff is oh so much more fun than fixing broken stuff, I started with my Dollar Store hurricanes: I still haven't decided what I want to put in them, so I just threw in some sand and an Easter egg. Hmmm, maybe I should clean the glass off ; )
The coat rack has had this treatment before. Yep, all four of those hooks have been glued back on at various times: Next up were my two picture frames: Awww, lookit baby Bitty...
Then T Bub's airplane coat rack: At this point I was having fun and started prowling the house looking for other things I could glue together. Bad Idea: this epoxy has a five minute dry time so by the time I remembered I still needed to glue the post onto Bitty's bed, the epoxy had started to harden inside the spout piece. I managed to rip that spout off so I could still use the epoxy and fix Bitty's bed: And there you have Five Things I Fixed With Epoxy.
Have you fixed anything lately?


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