Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Progression of a Bathroom…

Our house was in need of some serious help when we bought it. With some love and lots of elbow grease, the Master Chef and I have turned this once abandoned (it stood empty for about two years) house into a place we’re proud to call home*.

*I have to honest here. MC's mom, dad, sister S and brother M did a ton of work in our house.

Like every other room in our house, the bathrooms were 1. wallpapered and 2. disgusting.

They were scary, nasty, does this toilet actually flush cause there’s so much built up stuff coating the inside and outside… just plain icky. Let’s start with a before picture, shall we?

I am saddened that you all won’t get a chance to see the before of the toilet. The Master Chef had to almost immediately install a new one. You know, so we could use it.

All three bathrooms had these thick ceramic towel racks and t.p. holders. They weren’t horrible, but they were pretty dated. Like the wallpaper. Nothing says late 80’s early 90’s like neon splash, baby.

And now for the new:

The wallpaper is gone and replaced by a soft sage green. I gave it a very subtle faux effect because I like the depth it creates, and it doesn’t look heavily sponged on there. I painted all the trim white (buh bye dark walnut. I banish you back to the 70’s) and MC installed a new sink and fixtures.

The bathroom light fixtures were a huge pain. They hang from the ceiling instead of being wall mounted, and I couldn’t find anything to hang in there that didn’t look like a dining room chandelier. But then, I found Sarah’s blog and discovered… Oil Rubbed Bronze. I took the brass light fixture that was hanging in the kids bathroom and went on a spray paint bonanza; it was awesome. That baby went from shiny brassy to refined oil rubbed bronze and now hangs proudly in my downstairs bathroom. It may be a tiny little half-bath, but I love it!

I'm linking up with Sarah's Before and After party!


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