Monday, April 4, 2011

Lampshade Redo…

This yellow lampshade in Bitty's room was starting to get on my last nerve. It just didn't go with the rest of her room.

It was like this bright glaring beacon, that every time I went in there shouted, 'HEY! LOOKIT ME! SUNSHINE YELLOW! NICE, EH? HEY! THERE'S NO OTHER YELLOW IN HERE, DIDJA NOTICE THAT? JUST ME!'


It was driving me batty, I tell ya.

I had already told you how I went looking for new lamps/lampshades and fell in love with these. But at $99 I was going to have to pass.

It was while I was at Goodwill searching out a t-shirt to glue gun a shamrock onto that I found the lamp that I had been eyeballing at Target. It was almost exactly the same but $15 cheaper.

Clutching my prize, I gleefully ran out of Goodwill and then I realized... I still have a YELLOW lampshade.


Right next door to the Goodwill in my town is... Wait for it... The DOLLAR STORE! And they have those fake flowers like the ones on the Pottery Barn lampshade! I was almost giddy as I drove home with my Goodwill lamp and 6 bunches of Dollar Store roses.
Now, onto the good stuff.
The yellow lampshade was easy to disassemble; the yellow accordion bit was just glued onto the outside of the lampshade. I briefly thought of painting or cleaning it up, but my urge to start attaching the flowers was too great.
I used a small screwdriver (really small, like a glasses screwdriver) to poke a hole in the lampshade. After pulling the flower head off the stem, I poked the green part into the hole. I randomly put flowers all over until the entire lampshade was covered.
Now, this next part is optional.  Why, you may ask?  Well, you’ll only need to do this next bit if you’re as completely off-your-rocker persnickety as I am. 
Once the lampshade was on the lamp in Bitty’s room, those green bits on the inside of the lampshade were only visible if you were standing directly overhead of the lamp and looking down. 
Meaning, they were not visible at all from any place in her room.  But I knew they were there.
Here's what I did: I snipped all the green bits on the inside so they were as flush as I could get them with the inside of the lampshade. To keep them in, I glue gunned them. Using the closest color I could find, I painted over the glue and green things.

For some reason, it felt absurdly like putting calamine lotion on bug bites.


Goodwill lamp = $4.99

Dollar Store flowers = $6.00

No yellow in Bitty's room = Priceless
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