Monday, May 23, 2011

How To Take The Perfect Picture…

In this informational post, I will teach you how to position your family in order to take the perfect picture.  One that will grace your wall for years, reminding you of the special times you spent together…

We recently had the opportunity to take the whole family to a Twins baseball game.  It was a great game (the Twins won) and T Bub and Lovely L were able to get a few autographs.  After the game, fans twelve and under were able to go down and run the bases. 

We headed down to the field and proceeded to park ourselves in the back of a long line.  I say park, because we literally didn’t move for awhile.

Easter 246

It was while standing in this line that I had a flash of inspiration:  I could get a picture of the kids in their Twins gear, frame it, and give it to MC as a gift for Father’s Day!  I collected the BLT and posed them with the stadium in the background.

Easter 239

This didn’t go down like I thought it would:  T Bub is horrified and embarrassed that I’m making him stand with his sisters.  Bitty is not looking at the camera and Lovely L is too low.  I regroup:  Okay guys, smile nice, I tell them, I want to frame this!

Easter 240

T Bub looks like he’s going to cry if I continue to make him crouch down next to his sisters, Bitty keeps looking behind me and, at the last minute, Lovely L leans out of the picture.

OH MY GOSH!  You guys, this shouldn’t be this hard!  Let’s try this again – just smile nice, okay?

Easter 241

Alright, not tooooo bad, I just need Bitty to smile for me.  Okay B?  Just smile…

Easter 242

At this point Bitty started singing the Twins song and dancing.  Lovely L has held her cute smile the whole time, but I think T Bub has finally broken down. 

So much for taking the perfect picture.  Or even taking a picture worthy of framing.  What I learned from this experience is that the thrill of having a great picture is not enough when you’re 12, 11 and 5.  You need something more to be willing to sit still and smile pretty with your siblings. 

And that something is called a bribe.  I’d love to say that I’m able to get my kids to do what I want solely out of their love and devotion to me.  But I’d be lying. Through. My. Teeth.  Want an example?  Here’s last year’s Father’s Day picture:


Three happy, smiling kids that let me pose them for well over an hour.  How?  Bribery.  Plain and simple.     


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