Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Have You Met The BlogFrog?

When I first started this blog, I had a few definite ideas of what I wanted.  The first was that no one I knew in real life would even know I had a blog.  So much for that… 

The second thing I wanted out of this blog was to create a place for parents to come together to share our thoughts and ideas.  In fact, the name of this blog was supposed to be Thinking Out Loud and not Kadbury Is. 

Side note: Thinking Out Loud was already taken, and the web host I use (Blogger) suggested that I name my blog something like thinkingoutloud94736.blogspot.com.  I don’t know about you, but Thinking Out Loud 94736 is missing that certain thing… Mainly the ability to remember the 94736 part.  So, I went with Kadbury Is…

Now, I realize by merit of this being my blog, that most of the time it’s only me who’s doing any thinking out loud.  And while I loooove getting comments and responding to them, that’s usually where the conversation ends.  So I’d like to try something different…


BlogFrog is a social forum like Facebook or Twitter but with a twist.  On BlogFrog, you can ask that burning question you had about breastfeeding and like-minded moms will help you out.  Or, if you have experience with ASD kids, maybe you can help out another parent by sharing what has worked for you. 

Although many of us are parents, I don’t want to limit it to just parenting.  I share a lot about crafts, decorating or repairing and the occasional recipe on my blog.  I’d like those things to be topics of conversation too!

Sound intriguing?  Over on my sidebar, I have added the Thinking Out Loud community.  Clicking on Visit My Community will take you directly to my BlogFrog page, where you can share what’s on your mind by clicking on the Forum tab.  Or, maybe you can help me out by sharing your ideas on how to help Bitty B stop sucking her thumb.

Won’t you head on over and join me?  I’m looking forward to hear what you have to say.


3 awesome thoughts:

ElphiaDesigns said... Best Blogger Tips

This is awesome hun! I love the blogfrog idea! As for the thumb sucking thing...I have no clue. We used to sell this stuff aptly named "Thumb" at the pharmacy (very creative marketer) which you basically paint on to the offending digit...supposedly such a horrible taste, they won't want to suck their thumb. Kind of sounds awful to me. PS I tried to leave this on blogfrog, system wouldn't let me. Perhaps operator error :)

Kadbury said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm going to give the BlogFrog thing a try... It seems like it would lead to the 'conversation' that I want to have with my readers! I guess we'll see... As for the thumb, she's gone two days with minimal thumb sucking, but I don't know if she's 'hiding' her thumb sucking or if she's truly stopping. Another 'we'll see' LOL!

Terri said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the BlogFrog and I joined your community. I found your link in a FB discussion and here I am ha. I'm going to check out your sidebar to see what else I can join :).


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