Monday, May 16, 2011

My Digital Frame Gets a Makeover…

Some years back, a great friend gave me an awesome gift:  A digital picture frame. 

My digital frame is like a greatest hits of my family;  it’s filled with an ever changing assortment of general  photo awesomeness.  T Bub’s baseball team winning last year’s ‘World Series’, Lovely L’s talent show performance, Bitty in her soccer uniform, dwarfed by all the other players…  

Awhile back I had moved the frame into the kitchen and although I loved it in it’s new spot, something kept bugging me.  That something was called, ‘This frame does not match the current décor in this room’. 


I tried really hard to ignore my brain’s constant attempts to make me notice the frame and FIX IT, ‘CAUSE IT’S DRIVING ME CRAZY.  And although I was on the verge of going batty from leaving the frame where it was, I couldn’t see any way to change its appearance to bring it in line with the pseudo French provincial feel going on in my kitchen.

Sometimes inspiration hits me and sometimes it’s a complete miss.  This time it hit me while I was at *drum roll, please*… The Dollar Store.  Yes, I see the mock look of shock and surprise on your face.  No, I won’t be changing the name of this blog to Kadbury Is… At The Dollar Store.  At least not any time soon.  Unless… The Dollar Store wants to sponsor my blog and then I can quit my day job.*

*I can’t actually quit my day job, since it pretty much consists of parenting. 

The Dollar Store has a whole picture frame section and right there next to the frames were mats that go in the frames.  My brain did a quick spin cycle and Bang!  What if I covered the digital frame with a mat???  I wasn’t sure what size my digital frame was, so I grabbed two sizes:  8”x10” and 4”x6”. 

Turned out I needed them both.  Since the size of the screen was smaller, I needed the 4”x6”, but the black plastic was really wide and I needed the 8x10 to cover the whole area.  I taped the 4”x6” bit onto the 8”x10” mat and was momentarily stuck again. 


How can I attach the mat to the digital frame?  My first thought after duct tape was hot glue gun, but I wasn’t thrilled with either of those options.  How about sticky Velcro?  Yep, that worked:


I stuck both side of the sticky Velcro to the digital frame, then lined up the taped-together mats to the digital frame and stuck them on.  Now that the mat was attached to the front of the digital frame, all I needed to do was find a picture frame that was more in keeping with the colors of my kitchen:


The gold picture frame is attached to the mat instead of the original back of the frame and the whole thing is held up by the stand that is on the back of the digital frame. 

digital frame redo


Now the only problem I have in my kitchen is my cooking…


{Mmmm!  Apple flavored cookie blob things!}

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