Thursday, May 12, 2011

Confessions #1


I don't know about you, but I like the thought of spending a little quiet time with God everyday. Offering up my prayers and praises and allowing God to be the center of my day sounds great. 

But sadly, I have to tell you that it rarely happens that way.  Instead, and I am slightly ashamed and embarrassed to tell you, I find that my quiet time with God ends up being in the bathroom. 

Sorry... but I labeled this post 'confessions' for a reason.  If you're offended and would like to leave now, please follow this link that will take you to an awesome post that doesn't involve bathrooms.

I would like to point out that I have now deleted several sentences using the word 'throne' because they were irreverent and possibly sacrilegious.

Getting back to my point, I've come to realize that I've filled my day with all the trifles that swallow up our time:  Kids dressed, kids fed, to school on time, playtime with Bitty, cleaning, laundry, checking email...

The only time I'm not completely engrossed in an activity is, well... potty time.  At some point, since I was sitting there with nothing else to do, I began praying about things going on in my day.  Almost immediately I would then pray an apology to God for praying while sitting in the bathroom.

Worse, I usually ended up with a back and forth dialogue in my head that sounded something like this:

Me:  Oh my gosh, really?!? Who prays in the bathroom?
Me:  C'mon, God doesn't care where you are when you talk to Him.
Me:  Okay, but seriously... there's no other time in you can set aside to do this?
Me:  You know, God made your body and He's not asham…
Me:  WHAT?  Where are you coming up with this stuff???

Now, my question is this:  Besides the fact that (based on the conversations going on in my head) I sound like a complete nut case, is there anybody out there that thinks praying in the bathroom is acceptable?  Is anybody else doing this, or is it just me?!? 

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