Thursday, June 16, 2011

Green Is The Color Of…

May first.  My backyard:


My backyard yesterday:


My backyard this morning:


That’s odd.  I don’t recall giving anybody permission to park a giant dead tree in the middle of my yard…

That’s actually a limb that was hanging from one of our trees.  MC and I had been discussing how to get it down and thinking of hiring someone to go up the tree and cut it down. 

But all the wind from yesterday’s storms took care of it for us.  See what procrastination can do for you?!?

Note: I don’t recommend procrastinating on an everyday basis.  But this time it saved us about two hundred dollars.  Score! ; )

Even a dead limb sitting in the middle of my yard cannot take away my happiness at being able to look outside and see all that green.

Let’s go over that one more time. 





{That’s Bitty in her p.j.’s, posing with the Elphia Designs giveaway bags.  She thought it was so funny that the kitchen chair was in our backyard that she wanted her picture taken with it.}

For me, green is the color of summer: barbecue's, bocce ball and lazy days in my backyard. 

As soon as I get that limb out of the way…


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