Friday, June 24, 2011

Oh So Yummy Monkey Bread…

The first time I ever mentioned monkey bread to my husband was for a Thanksgiving Day breakfast.  He looked at me suspiciously before asking if that was a real thing or something I made up.  I asked if he had maybe ever heard of pull-a-parts. 


So just in case someone else out there has never heard of monkey bread, I thought I would share my recipe.  Because this stuff has a serious yum factor.  It also has a pretty big sugar and butter factor but we’re going to ignore that.


{Please note that the bottom of the monkey bread in this picture is not even.  That is because I ate the whole bottom part.  It was good.}

On to the recipe:



It was really hard not to let the kids see that I was tasting the bottom of the monkey bread while it was cooling.  They know from experience that the gooey sweetness is super hot when the bread is fresh out of the oven and that it needs time to cool. 

That is when I stage my super stealth attack on the bottom of the bread.  By the time it cools and I flip it onto the platter, they can’t even tell I ate half of it. 

monkey bread


Do you have a favorite breakfast recipe?  This is fast becoming my favorite, but I have to work off what I already ate before I can make it again. ; )


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