Monday, June 27, 2011

5 Fabulous Fourth of July Ideas…

Ah, sweet Day of Independence!  Known for barbecues and blowing things up. Just in time for the Fourth I have found Five Fabulous Fourth of July Ideas.  Try saying that five times fast.

Fun Fact:  Did you know Canada’s Independence day is on the first of July?  Although they didn’t gain full independence from the United Kingdom until 1982…. So, I’m just saying… maybe they weren’t trying too hard or something…

And with that, I lost my Canadian readers.  All two of them. 

(Side note:  I actually love Canadians.  Really!  Since Minnesota borders Canada and the Northwest Angle is in Canada, I'm required to, eh. ; )

Now, onto the goodies!  First up is this amazingness:


Are you serious?  This pure awesomeness from Amanda of I Am Baker was a take-off of Elissa’s cake from 17 And Baking.  Fair warning:  If you head over to either of their sites, you will be there for awhile.  Because those two are A. Maze. Ing. 

Next up is Kami from No Biggie.  She showcased these fun *free* printables over at Tatertots and Jello:


Have I ever told you of my love of printables?  It’s seriously a problem.  I’m on an ink restriction right now because of it.  It’s full disclosure around here, so I just thought you should know. ; )

in a bowl

I couldn’t resist these from Kami either.  Because I like food that doesn’t require too much thinking.  And people, shoving a star shaped cookie cutter through a slice of watermelon is something I can handle. 

the crafting chicks

Oh. Man.  I love when decorating is this easy.  Print page.  Insert in frame.  Done.  Jamie over at The Crafting Chicks made my day with this.  Too bad I can’t print it out.  Ink restriction and all…

baking bites

Although these patriotic strawberries have made their way around the Internets, I first found them at Baking Bites.  Nicole gives great instructions and dang, are these easy.  I may actually attempt these for the Fourth. 

madigan made

And finally, we end with these awesome Fourth of July decorations from Madigan Made.  Not only are these incredibly cute, but she made them from Dollar Store candy dishes!!!  Madigan gives a great tutorial on how she turned those star shaped candy dishes into cute Fourth of July décor and I am definitely going to try it out.

And now I just realized I have six Fabulous Fourth of July Ideas. 

Since I like the alliteration of Five Fabulous Fourth of July Ideas, I’m keeping that the title of this post.  You can consider that sixth one a bonus.  You’re welcome. ; )

What plans do you have for Independence Day? 


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