Wednesday, July 20, 2011

(Not) A Day At The Beach…

Here in Minnesota we have beaches…. Not your traditional ‘beach’ as we don’t actually have an ocean on any of our borders.  But as the land of 10,000+ lakes, we have more shoreline than California, Hawaii and Florida combined (I read that on the Internets, so it must be true). 

Since the BLT have been begging to hit the beach since summer began, we packed up our towels and beach toys and set off for the beach.  It was slightly overcast, but hot as all get out, so the kids charged the water and jumped in.  I grabbed my camera, but something was wrong with it:


My lens was all fogged up.  Turns out, if you take a camera from the cool, comfy, confines of air conditioning out into 90 plus degree weather, you’re going to have to wait awhile to take pictures. 

While the kids played on the beach, I used the time to catch up on my reading:


I’m doing a read through the whole Bible in 90 Days program with the gals over at Mom’s Toolbox and I keep falling behind.  My need to research every. single. annotation. is making my brain crazy and I have to fight through to JUST READ

Side Note:  Just FYI, people will give you funny looks when they glance down to see what you’re reading and realize it’s the Bible.

When the kids headed into the water, I grabbed my camera and played with all the knobs and buttons.  I managed to get a few fun shots:



A tradition at our house is the perpetual Bringing To Mom Every Sort Of Rock, Shell, Seaweed or Wood that the BLT find.  Due to the large amount of rock collecting the kids do, we have an actual ‘rock garden’ in our backyard.  After all, every rock Bitty brings me is ‘the most beautiful rock!’ ; )


However, we do have a strict ‘no seaweed’ policy at our house, so that stuff stayed at the beach. 

At this point, I started getting concerned about the weather and checked my phone to see if what was moving in was just clouds or an actual storm.  Although we had only been at the beach for a little over an hour, a rumble of thunder (and Twitter) told me it was a storm, so our beach day was over.


I packed up my Bible and Dr. Pepper


while the BLT packed up their toys and towels and we headed home.  Not the day at the beach we had imagined, but fun for the short time we were there.  Since this beach is only ten minutes away, I know we’ll be back soon. 

How do you have fun on a hot summer day?


* A ginormous thanks to Jamie from Mommy’s Camera!  She gave me the instructions and confidence to mess with my camera and taught me more that I’ve learned in my four years of digital camera ownership : )


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