Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fourth Of July Recap…

After Christmas,  my favorite holiday… no,wait… Lemme start again.

After Christmas and Halloween, my next favorite holiday is the Fourth of July.  I thought I would share with you our Fourth of July {in Pictures}

June 201{The day before the Fourth, people save their spot on the parade route by putting out blankets, chairs, and tarps. To my amazement, these items are not stolen by the next day}



{Lovely L and Bitty watching the parade.  We did not set out a blanket the day beforeMC and I sat up on a little hill and let the kids find a place on the curb.  As newbies, we’re just not used to having to plan a day ahead for our parade spot yet}



{My patriotic watermelon.  I way I figured it, watermelons have a similar rind to pumpkins.  Why not carve it?}



{Then, back to our house for a barbecue, bocce ball and sparklers}



{Playing with fire. I mean, sparklers}


June 334

{The fireworks are shot off at the end of our neighborhood.  Our city puts on a great firework show with all our favorites.  My favorite?  The one that explodes and looks like glitter.  Also, it makes a sizzling noise like bacon}

And there you have our Fourth of July.  What fun stuff did you get to do this Fourth?


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