Monday, July 18, 2011

You’re All Winners In My Book…

I have giveaway winners to announce!  Now, do I keep you in suspense and keep on writing or do I let you know who won?  I vote for: Let you know who won ; )  Here we go!

First up was this completely awesome Elphia Designs bag:


And the winner, as chosen by, is:

Elphia Designs Giveaway Winner

Number 10 is BLT! Yay! Yay! Yay!

Sorry, I’m really excited to be giving stuff away.  I feel kinda like Bob Barker, except I’m not giving away A NEW CAR!!!  (In my head, I sounded just like Bob Barker,fyi)

***** *****

Next up is the Cross Serving Tray from DaySpring:


This has been sitting in my front room for several weeks.  I have resisted on several occasions from taking it out its box and petting it because that would be weird. Sorry.  That was probably too much information.  Hmm.  Okay… well. Let’s just see who won it, shall we?

Dayspring Giveaway Winner

Number 4 is Julie L.!  Woo Hoo!

***** *****

Next, I have this way super cool Thermal Tote from Thirty-One:

Thermal Tote

And our lucky winner is:

Thirty One Giveaway Winner

Number 7 is Cathy T.!  Only one item left to give away…

***** *****

This bag by Elphia Designs is my very last giveaway from my Giveaway Week.


Ready to see who won it?

Final Giveaway Winner

Number 7 is Rachel!!

***** *****

Thank you to everyone that participated in my very first Giveaway.   And Congratulations to all my winners; I will contact you to get your info so I can send you your fabulous prizes!


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