Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Spray Paint Makes It Better…

Ah! Sweet spray paint, is there nothing you can't fix?

And by fix, I mean cover with your spray paint goodness

Bitty B's smoky yellow ceiling fan? Now a crisp clean white. {Thank you spray paint!}

My shiny brass fireplace surround? Hidden behind a beautiful sheen of oil rubbed bronze{Thank you spray paint!}  

I'm not sure what the original color on my floor vent was, but it too is covered by oil rubbed bronze. {Thank you spray paint!}

I could go on and on, but instead I will share with you the story of my front porch.  When we last saw my front porch, it was lookin’ a little sad. 

Front Porch Decor

Sad and Blah.  And messy.

But I had a vision:  A vision of a {clean} bright space that would welcome instead of causing my neighbors to raise their collective eyebrows at the crazy mess that was my front porch.

I decided to tackle the table first. 


Hmm.  Due to high humidity the day I disassembled the table, I had to quickly wipe the condensation off the lens of my camera and quickly take another picture before it fogged back over.


I removed all the legs and gave them a coat of Krylon’s white primer.  Had I thought about it, I would have lightly sanded them first, but as usual I rushed straight in with the paint. 

Because I have no patience, that’s why.

I then tried to remove the glass from the tabletop.  When it was clear that the two pieces were NOT going to part easily, I decided to tape newspaper to the tabletop and just spray away. 

But before I could do that, the wind ripped my newspaper OFF the tabletop.  I briefly thought about going inside to find more, but the humidity had water-logged my brain and I started spraying away without the newspaper protecting the glass. 

I was on a roll, people.  Newspaper be darned!

Plus, I couldn’t wait to see the color I picked out for the table in all it’s spray painted glory.

So with my Krylon Satin Jade spray paint, I went to town on my primed table.  After it dried, I pieced it back together, used Windex and a glass scraper to clean the paint off the glass and reveled in my bright new front porch:


I picked Jade because it reminded me of the color of the 1950’s metal patio sets that my neighbors had when I was growing up in rural Indiana. 

Don’t know what I’m talking about?  Well, here ya go: 



{I think every elderly relative had a set of these on their porch… : ) }

My new Jade table definitely brightens up the corner of my front porch.  And a quick coat of Kryon’s white took care of the funky silver planter.  This leaves me with just one question:

What color do I paint the chairs?  ; )


Well, what do you think?


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