Friday, April 29, 2011

Five Things on Friday: Front Porch...

Let's sit back and take a look at my front porch:

Hey now, I didn't say point and mock!

Yes, my porch is looking a little neglected and sad. But hey! Check out that cool flower basket, isn't that awesome?

I needed some inspiration before I tackled the porch so I turned to, where else... the Internet. And I found tons of incredible ideas. So let's get right to some lovely front porches and see just what it is that makes them not sad and neglected.
Our first one is courtesy of Between Naps on The Porch.

First off, I love the red door. Second, I love the symetrical-ness (if that's not word, then it should be) of the lights and urns.
Did I mention I love the red door?

My only problem here is that I don't own any urns and having looked at the cost... let's just say that the Master chef is not on board with urn purchasing at this time.

Okay, next up is this porch:


Oh. My. Awesomeness... Geraniums? Ferns? Comfy seating?
I want to live on this porch. I want to sip tea and read in the shade while my gardener works in the yard.
Alas, my porch isn't even a fraction of the size of this, so I can't really use any ideas from it. Plus, anything under my supervision that resides in a pot is soon dead. And dead plants aren't really nice to look at. Oh. And I don't actually have a gardener.

Next up:


How welcoming is that? I love all the different varieties of coleus and did you see the rocking bench? Way cool.
Except that the coleus are in pots. And the rocking bench might be the actual dimensions of my entire porch. I need smaller ideas.


Okay, too small.


Again, beautiful... and oh, so too big for my tiny porch. Why did I pick these?!?

Okay. I give up. It's apparent to me that what I want is a full length porch with lots of seating and plants. And my poor little porch is now seeing a therapist over what can only be described as my overwhelming disappointment in it's diminutive size.

I guess I'll just have to come up with something that is lovely and welcoming all on my own, so wish me luck (Oh! And just maybe you have a great idea to help beautify my little porch? Tell me about it!).

And there you have five ideas for someone who has a lovely full length front porch.

2 awesome thoughts:

Call Me Crazy said... Best Blogger Tips

One common theme in all the porches were bright contrasting colors. I'd start with repurposing the table and chairs or be on the look out for a sofa thing. The other thing I got was they all had a home feel. Maybe find a colorful rug, put vinyl lettering above the front door with a cute message, a white painted trelis or picket fence with painted flowers. I'm still looking for pics or links to cool stuff.

Kadbury said... Best Blogger Tips

All great ideas! The table and chairs definately need some updating; I'm thinking a can of spray paint might do the trick... maybe the chairs one color and the table another? And I have an idea in the works for the door... (mwhahaha!) I hate the screen/glass door whatever-it-is, but I love having it so I can leave the front door open and keep the bugs out ; )


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