Monday, May 2, 2011

Soccer, Boy Scouts and Bugs, Oh My...

The wind was blowing furiously and flurries brushed the waiting faces of the four and five year olds. That was the scene yesterday as Bitty and about 80 other pre-kindergarten and kindergarteners patiently received instuctions for our soccer season, which starts this Tuesday.

Let's back up a sec: That's right. Snow. In May.

But we do what any stout-hearted midwesterner would do and bundle those kids up and make them tough it out.

It. Was. Freezing. The temperature was hovering around 34 degrees and the wind chill had to be something like -29. Okay, not really... But I don't think any of the parents would argue numbers; we were too busy hopping up and down trying to stay warm. Amazingly, Bitty and her friends didn't seem to notice the cold. They were too busy playing soccer.

This weekend was also T Bub's Boy Scout campout. Ah! The beautiful outdoors! Birds singing, the sun shining and wind whistling through the tall pines...

However, it had POURED Friday night and most of Saturday. Their campsite was like a monster truck mud bog, but with, you know, people. Instead of trucks.

Kids were sliding and mud spattered and wet... and smiling. (Turns out that boys generally like mud. Who knew?)

The Master Chef, Bitty B, Lovely L and I had a chance to visit with the boys and, it turns out, take T Bub home a night early (it was supposed to freeze overnight. Wet + Overnight Freezing = Boy Scout Popsicles). The Scouts were camped nearby and invited their families for dinner; it involved a lot of food set up and cooked by the boys. Not cooking or cleaning up? Yes, please.

Here's where I share a picture of my shoes. They got a lot of comments from the Scouts.

Not because they were muddy (which they were), or the fact that they're some kind of plastic (which they are), but because they liked that they look like Scotch Tape.

"Hey, did you know your shoes look like that one kind of tape?"

"I did. Coolio, eh?"

Lastly, Bitty B had to bid farewell to a dear friend of hers that has been living in our house. His name is Woodchuck and he's some kind of wood bug.

I talked her into setting him free after finding him tucked into a Little People sleeping bag stuck inside the box that had held her chocolate Easter bunny. She had been keeping him in her 'bug container', a little green contraption I picked up at Target, but apparently those accomodations were too shabby for such an awesome bug like Woodchuck.

Goodbye, Woodchuck. I know you're now a leg short of the six required for an insect, but I wish you luck in the great outdoors.


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