Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Quick And Easy Lunch Idea…

Let me just tell you up front, I am not the normal lunch maker in our house. 

During the school year, MC gets up and makes the kid’s lunches before heading to work (he’s just awesome like that). 

But since it’s summer, lunch making falls to me.  And let me tell you people, I do not like making lunches.  I’m not sure why, but slapping baloney and cheese on a slice of bread makes me want to throw up my hands and run screaming from the kitchen.

So, when I have to make lunch for the kids, I try and come up with something fun and a little different.  When  Bitty brought me a can of refried beans one day and said she wanted those for lunch, some quick thinking led me to:

Bean and Cheese Bites


{Spread refried beans as thick or thin as you want onto a flour tortilla}



{Sprinkle grated cheese on top of beans}



{Roll tortilla up}



{Slice into bite-sized pieces}

With a side of apples, this is far and away Bitty and Lovely L’s favorite lunch. 

Whatcha making for lunch this week?


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