Friday, April 15, 2011

Five Things on Friday: Free Printables!

I love decorating my house for the holidays, especially if that holiday is Christmas. In fact, I might have a Christmas decorating problem…

It’s entirely possible that I have too much Christmas stuff, as evidenced by the fact that I have no room to store decorations for other holidays. Which means I have to make do with just the few little Easter decorations I talked about here.

So if I can find something that I can decorate with and not have to store, I gotta have it. Especially when it’s free. Check out my kitchen counter:

See that big frame? No, that’s not free, the printable inside it is! Yes, I have a wine bottle full of corn. It's an Indiana thing.
(Anybody know who to credit that printable to? I can't find the site I printed it off of, dagnabit ): )

That’s right, these printables are created by some awesome women that want to share their craftiness with us. Check out these fun printables:

Today's Fabulous Finds

I love the thought of having a frame with our 'family rules in it, too:

LOVE THEM. I just need to change out my frame to an Easter printable and bang! Instant decorating that I don’t have to store in my garage!

And there you have five fun printables to put in your house.

P.S.: Check out the Tip Junkie for pages of more awesome printables!


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