Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bathroom Love…

Let me state for the record:  I love my neighborhood (and neighbors!).  I love my yard.  And I love my house. 

However, I do not love my master bathroom.  It’s tiny, and by tiny, I mean miniscule.  Maybe in 1976 people were smaller and didn’t need a lot of space.  I really don’t know. 



See what I mean? There’s not even a tub in there!!! 

Now, if I were to design a bathroom, it would have two things:  A claw foot tub and double sinks.  The claw foot tub needs no explanation.  It’s just awesome.  As for the double sinks…  Do you live with a significant other?  Then you know what I’m talking about.  Shaving stuff (his), hair stuff (mine), tooth stuff (Bitty’s)… all on that tiny little sink. 

Wait a minute.  I just designed a bathroom with no toilet. 

Okay, if I were to design a bathroom, it would have three things:  A claw foot tub, double sinks and a fabulous porcelain throne. 

And because I designed it and didn’t let MC have any say, it would look something like this:




What would your ultimate bathroom look like? 

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