Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Holey Doorframe, Batman…

While preparing my backyard for our Fourth of July celebration, I noticed a small strip of paint had peeled off the stoop of the back door.  Wanting the backyard to look its best for the party, I got out some sandpaper and paint and prepared to do a Quick Repair.  

As I sandpapered the stoop, more and more paint chipped off.  I realized my Quick Repair was turning into a Big Job. 


I decided to walk away from the now Big Job of repairing the stoop and headed out front to pull out some seedlings that had taken root in the gutter over the garage.  Dragging the ladder out of the garage, I set it up and began pulling weeds and tiny little trees that had nestled themselves in the gunk that had settled at the bottom of the gutter. 

It was then that I noticed that the gutter was not actually attached to the fascia right below the roofline.  It was just hanging there, loose and unattached.


MC was in the backyard, cutting up all the branches from our recent tree adventures.  He had been watching me mess with the stoop earlier, and warily watched as I walked over to him with more bad news. 

I told him what I had found out about the gutter and he asked if I could please not give him any more bad news until after the Fourth so he could enjoy the holiday weekend. 

So, I headed back to finish the stoop.  As I scraped the paint near the doorframe, I saw what looked like a small hole in the door itself.  I scratched at it a little bit.  Then I poked it.



Uhh… Hmm.  Okay… well…

I used a screwdriver to clear out the hole in the door.  I looked at it for a long time before walking over to MC. 

Uh… hon?  I just wanted you to know that I… well.. uh… There was an earthworm in our door.  That’s all.  I’m gonna fill the hole in now and then paint over it.  K?   

I am not kidding, people.  As I scraped the debris out of the door, I nearly had a heart attack when the screwdriver came out of the hole with a wiggly critter on it.  A WORM.  In my door. That is seriously nuts.

Oh.  And disgusting.

Since I was already messing with the stoop, I decided to pull off a strip of metal that had at one time been the track for a sliding screen door.  The metal strip came off with relative ease, but pulling it off had left all the screw heads sticking up out of the stoop. 


This is why all my Quick Repairs turn into Big Jobs. 

I eventually got the screws pulled out, the hole in the door and one in the door frame filled with putty and the stoop sanded down.  I laid down a couple coats of paint yesterday when I realized I was painting the stoop with white paint that clearly states Interior on the front of it.


At least it’s white now.  And you can’t see any holes.

Have you ever run into a project that didn’t quite turn out like you expected? 


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