Tuesday, July 12, 2011

DaySpring Tray Giveaway…


***This giveaway is over***

Boy, this giveaway business is stressful!

After reading over yesterdays Elphia Designs giveaway, I realized I failed to lay out several important points. 

Important Point Number One:  All giveaway winners will be announced on Monday, July 18th.  Important Point Number Two:  Giveaway winners will be chosen by Random.org. 


I feel better now.  Ready to see what I’ve got in store for you today?  *squeal* 

Side note:  I actually squealed in excitement.  Kind of an ‘EEEEE!’ noise…. Then I looked around the blog cave* in embarrassment but it’s just me down here, so it’s all cool.   

*My unfinished basement.  It’s dark, damp, and kinda scary.  Therefore it qualifies for cave status.  

Okay, ready?  Here’s what I have for you to win today:


{Seriously awesome.  Seriously}

I literally spent about three weeks on DaySprings’ site looking at all their fabulous items… It was so hard to choose just one thing!  But lucky for you, I finally made up my mind and ordered their Cross Serving Tray.  Did I tell you it’s awesome? 


{It’s awesome.  Just trust me on this.}

Enough yakking, let’s get to the How To Win This Tray:

Required Entry:  Leave a comment telling me about your favorite ‘me’ spot.  Mine is in my front room in front of our picture window.  I love to sit and read or sip my coffee before one of The BLT* find me and drag me away.

*Not the sandwich.

That’s it!  Want to improve your chances?!?  Sweet!  Here’s how:

Extra Entries: (Leave a separate comment for each)

  • Tell me if you are a member of this site.  Wait, you’re not?  Then hit the Join This Site button on my sidebar.  Boom.  You are now a member.  It’s like an awesome secret club.  Except it’s not a secret and it’s all inclusive, so maybe it’s more like Starbucks*.  But without the coffee…

*Starbucks is my favorite place to hang out and chat with my girlfriends while drinking excessive amounts of coffee and eating those red velvet cupcakes. 

Good luck and don’t forget, you can still enter yesterday’s giveaway to win a custom Elphia Designs handbag!

Disclaimer: I have not been paid or otherwise compensated with gifts or money for my opinion by DaySpring or any other affiliate. I just really, truly love this tray : )


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