Wednesday, July 13, 2011

31 Gifts Giveaway…


***This Giveaway Is Over***

Important:  I am not giving away thirty-one gifts! 

More important:  I am, however, giving away an awesome tote from Thirty-One!


Lisa's Thirty One


I spent quite a bit of time on Lisa’s Thirty-One website, I’ll have you know.  For pretty much the same reason I got stuck on DaySprings

Reason Number One:  Too much great stuff (Did you see how I didn’t use the word awesome?  Yep, I can use other adjectives.  Just in case you were wondering…)

Reason Number Two:  It’s apparent to me that I have a hard time making decisions.  In fact, I didn’t officially choose which tote to give away until last night. 

{True Story:  I asked for advice on Facebook before I finally made a decision.}

Since there was so much general awesomeness going on in the Thirty-One catalog and I was having trouble narrowing down what I wanted to give away, I thought I should ask Lisa what her best sellers were:

           Retro Metro Bag             Large Utility Tote    

                                 {Retro Metro Bag}                       {Large Utility Tote}

That Retro Metro Bag is too cute.  It looks like the ultimate around town bag.  And the Large Utility Tote looks big enough to carry Bitty around in.  Although I’m pretty sure that’s not its intended use. 

I also asked Lisa which totes were her favorites.  After all, she uses them daily:

                   All In One               Cindy Tote

                         {All In One Organizer}                                 {Cindy Tote}

I love how she uses the All In One:  She stores all her cleaning supplies in it and just carries it from room to room.  That seems way more convenient and smarter than what I do.  Currently, my cleaning supplies are all scattered under the many sinks in my house.  It’s like playing hide and seek to find the product I need. Which makes cleaning even more fun!*

*That’s sarcasm, people.

Not only does each tote comes in several different patterns, but you can also *drumroll please*  Personalize them!


Thirty-One Totes

{Organizing Utility Tote & Thermal Tote}

I love having my kids initials on their school, lunch or sport bags.  There’s little chance someone else is going to walk off with a bag with a big LGD embroidered on the side of it. 

Okay, I think I’ve teased you long enough. : )

Here’s what I have for one of you to win:

Thermal Tote

{Win Me!}

This thermal tote features thermal foil interior lining and a front pocket.  I have about twenty-five things I would use it for, including, but not limited to: keeping the kids water bottle cold during games, keeping our snacks non-melted unmelted fresh during park outings and storing my Dr. Peppers. 

Plus, look at all the cute patterns it comes in:

Thermal Tote - Copy

And check this out:  You get to pick which pattern you want!  Hopefully, you’ll be able to come to a decision quicker than I did…

You know what comes next, right? 

Required Entry:  Comment!  Tell me which pattern you would choose.

Extra Entries:  (Leave a separate comment for each)

  • Head over to Lisa’s Thirty-One, click on View Our Catalog and tell me what your favorite thing is.  Did you know she also has baby gifts and stationary?
  • Tweet this:  Thirty-One Giveaway from @KadburyIs ! Check it out here:

You can also say hello to Lisa on her Thirty-One Facebook page.  I have just learned that Facebook no longer allows that as a giveaway entry, and to that I say Pooh Pooh To You! Not to you, to Facebook that is.

Good luck and don’t forget to check out Monday and Tuesday’s giveaways, too!  I won’t announce the winners until Monday, July 18th.



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