Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sunshine On My Shoulders…

My three giveaways are still going on here, here and here!  Go check them out and enter to win!

Although I have one giveaway left, I’m going to take a break and talk about Sunshine.   That’s the prompt for this weeks’ Inspiration Workshop.   When I think about sunshine, this is what I see:


{What a couple of cuties!}

That’s Bitty and her friend Miss El singing ‘You Are My Sunshine’ in their debut as professional singers. 

Okay, they are not really professionals.  But they do have a microphone, so they are semi-professional. 

I tried for an hour to edit the video to make the rest of their class not visible, but I officially give up.  If you’d like to hear Bitty’s high pitched singing as she drowns out poor Miss El, you can do that here:

I hope that brings a little Sunshine into your life today! 

I know it made me smile from ear to ear : D

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