Monday, July 11, 2011

Elphia Designs Giveaway…


***This Giveaway is over***

So, anywho…  I am officially a year older.  And to be honest, it doesn’t feel all that different.  I think once you hit a certain age, birthdays don’t really matter anymore.  Until a BIG ONE comes along.  And then it matters, but not in the ‘feel good, I’m so happy it’s my birthday’ way. 

This birthday was not one of those (in my mind, anyway) so I’m all good and ready to give away cool stuff.  I have been not-so-patiently waiting for this week to begin so let’s get started!

This first giveaway is courtesy of my friend Sharon.  She has a knack for finding beautiful fabrics and turning them into amazing handbags.  Her bags are truly one of a kind:

Elphia Designs Circle Purse

{Pleated Mod Print Shoulder Purse}

Elphia Designs Pink Wristlet

{Floral Wristlet With Zipper}

I am constantly amazed with what she can do with fabric and am so excited to be able to give one of her super awesome creations to one of you! 

ACK!  I can’t take the suspense any longer…

Here’s all you need to do to win this Elphia Designs handbag:


Leave a comment.

Yep.  That’s it. 

If you want, your comment can share your undying love of handbags and all thing pretty.  Or your comment can just say, ‘I was here, I like free stuff, the handbag is cute, I want to win it.’  Something like that. 

And just in case you really, really want this bag, here are some things you can do for extra entries into today’s giveaway:

Go to Elphia Designs and tell me which bag is your favorite.

Tweet about this giveaway or Follow Elphia Designs on Twitter. 

Do you Like Sharon on Facebook?  Come back and tell me about it.  Ooh, that just sounded like a Billy Joel song. 

Wait… I think it goes, ‘Tell her about it.’  Maybe.  Great, now I’m going to have to YouTube it.

Okay, I lost focus for a second, but now I’m back. 

When you do any of those extra entry things, make sure you come back and comment to let me know!  And don’t forget to come back tomorrow to see what my next giveaway will be…

Good luck!


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